Lima Airport Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi at Lima Airport can be limited. Visitors that are in the public areas of the airport are allowed only 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi in two 15 minute intervals, and after those 30 minutes are over, you will need to pay per hour by credit card.

There are a few cafes that offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi, after purchasing food and sitting inside the cafes. Passengers that are in the restricted waiting areas are allowed 10 minutes of free Wi-Fi.

After 10 minutes, you will need wait an hour to have another 10 minutes for free, or pay per hour by credit card. Leaving Lima airport, there is no Wi-Fi until getting to Miraflores. There is, however, free Wi-Fi on our buses to and from the airport.

Lima City Wi-Fi

In the district of Miraflores, there is free public Wi-Fi offered. Miraflores has approximately 14 different public locations where you can access this Wi-Fi (different parks and main streets).

Some of the most popular areas of Miraflores where free Wi-Fi is accessible, are Kennedy Park, Larcomar and almost all of Jose Larco Avenue.

Public Buses Wi-Fi

Large public bus companies that travel to other cities within Peru also offer free Wi-Fi, however it is limited. Whilst the buses are situated in major cities or towns, there’ll be a Wi-Fi connection.
However, during the journey, there will be hours where the bus travels through desert or mountains, with no signal and no Wi-Fi connection.

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