Cusco Airport

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, with the international airport code CUZ, is Cusco’s only and main airport. It is located in the district of Wanchaq and San Sebastian, just 10 minutes by taxi from the historic centre. Here is some useful information about Cusco’s Airport.

ATMs, Banks, Money Exchange

On the first floor of Cusco’s International Airport, there are money exchange counters and ATM’s for all the major banks in Peru. These 4 banks are ScotiaBank, BBVA Intercontinental, BCP and GlobalNet. It is always a good idea to check if your bank has any arrangements with these 4 banks, as it could save you a lot of fees.


Unfortunately, in Cusco’s Airport there is no free Wi-Fi available, although there is Wi-Fi offered on the second floor in certain cafes. However, you must purchase something, and stay inside the café for the Wi-Fi to work.

Tourist Information

Before leaving Cusco Airport, you’ll find tourist booths of different tour operators, including the tourist information stand of ‘PromPeru’, the official Peruvian Tourism Board. Here you can get a lot of information, not only about Cusco but all of Peru.

To and From Cusco Airport

Cusco’s International Airport operates from 5am to 8pm, and if you do not speak the language then it can be an overwhelming experience trying to leave. Here are the options on how to get to and from Cusco Airport.

Taxi: The most common form of getting around the cities of Peru is by taxi, and Cusco is no exception. Local authorities always recommend travellers to organise a secure and authorised taxi from inside the airport beforehand.

There are secure and authorised taxi booths inside the airport close to baggage. Here they can organise a transfer to your hotel, it should approximately cost 30 soles, depending on the location of your accommodation and the amount of luggage you have. Taxis can cost as little as 7 soles if you find one from outside the airport.

This option is not recommended for travellers, as most taxis that are waiting outside, are unregistered and not secure. When returning to the airport, the concierge or reception of your hotel or hostel will be able to book a registered and official taxi. Make sure to leave your hotel or hostel with enough time, as traffic in Cusco can sometimes be an issue. From Cusco Airport to the city centre, it takes approximately 10 minutes with no traffic.

Bus: Another option for getting to and from Cusco Airport is to organise a private shuttle bus. These private companies also operate 24/7, and can do airport transfers at any time. There are 2 popular private shuttle companies, called Cusco Airport Shuttle and Cusco Shuttle. Prices can start from $20, depending on the location of your accommodation and the amount of luggage. You can also book your return trip with the same private company beforehand.

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